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  • sami sallam

    by sami sallam

    fantastic ......................................................................................   More

  • Md Shimul Ahmed

    by Md Shimul Ahmed

    I am always use to shareit Because this apps is must be first for all document share.   More

  • Rafael Morales

    by Rafael Morales

    nice..   More

  • Avinash Gudimani

    by Avinash Gudimani

    awsome app it helps alot fa share files n folders its realy a gud app.   More

  • Suci Rahmadani

    by Suci Rahmadani

    good app! i like it so much, my job will finish easy.   More

  • hasmin roldan

    by hasmin roldan

    good file transfer very fast and big file easy to transfer even 1gb is applicable.   More

  • theday Dream

    by theday Dream

    super good and very efficient, i would recommend this to my friend.   More

  • PrincessROS Ocasla

    by PrincessROS Ocasla

    share it is a very very good file because that is transfer to the computer or cellphone and another gadgets. that's i...   More

  • MD Murad Hossan Hridoy

    by MD Murad Hossan Hridoy

    very nice app shareit. I am very happy for shareit..I am Murad..   More

  • Anju Ydv

    by Anju Ydv

    shareit best way to share the photos video and movie,its very esay to use.   More

  • Kang Oboy Urang Sunda

    by Kang Oboy Urang Sunda

    it's very usefull to help me finished my work, new inovation tranfer file etc...   More

  • Nizar Ulumuddin

    by Nizar Ulumuddin

    its easy, so fast, i think Shareit is the best sharing appicatiaon/software..   More

  • hafiz zack

    by hafiz zack

    i like shareit because can share anywhere file like us video,picture and anything.   More

  • Joel Wilson

    by Joel Wilson

    This thing sucks.It never works.I love it's android version but this is not good..   More

  • Vikrant Kumar Anand

    by Vikrant Kumar Anand

    It works very slow in windows 10. It takes too long time to open or run and its transfer speed is average..   More

  • Dhurba Pun

    by Dhurba Pun

    very power full tool love it. we wish you all the entire team for better luck.   More

  • Hooman Mahdavian

    by Hooman Mahdavian

    very good application to transfer photo and picture and it is so useful for me.   More

  • Kaavya Balachandran

    by Kaavya Balachandran

    it is really awesome. It works more fast. It is easy to work.   More

  • Devathati Satish

    by Devathati Satish

    super app working to good app very usefullapp..................................   More

  • Anshul Nepal

    by Anshul Nepal

    best app for file trasfer between computer and a phone... i have been using shareit since 2 yrs and i am never disapo...   More

  • Moamar Shlandi

    by Moamar Shlandi

    Awesome app way to go guys.   More

  • R. P Graphic's

    by R. P Graphic's

    Nice apps & software these software are transfer any files, data, image any thing sooo thank's.   More

  • Kumar Manas

    by Kumar Manas

    Its good to share required files and documents. We can transfer any document without data cable and seems to be very ...   More

  • Muhammad Unfowan

    by Muhammad Unfowan

    very nice this softonic site this is very helpful to find out the any kind of software..   More

  • Shubhankar Dutta

    by Shubhankar Dutta

    very nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice.   More

  • Eslam Elashry

    by Eslam Elashry

    very good program very very very very very very very very very good..   More

  • Sandhya P Sandy

    by Sandhya P Sandy

    share it is very useful for sending data photos to friends and office very fast easily. It take very less time in sen...   More

  • Gsm Bajaj

    by Gsm Bajaj

    good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good go...   More

  • abd alwadod

    by abd alwadod

    becuse it is the fast transport app and iwesh if you make we can send the contact.   More

  • Weni Sofiani

    by Weni Sofiani

    yes yesyes.
    very good very good very good very good very good very good..   More

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